Sharing Information

The club members are always available to help and share information to other members

Relaxed Atmosphere

The club has a very relaxed atmosphere with a good social side

Portable equipment

Members have portable equipment such as laptops & cameras that they bring along to explain how they do things.

Contact Us

You can contact us through the contact page or by phone on 01233 627093

Our Members Enjoy Themselves

Read the reviews of some of our members

Why did I join the Ashford Camcorder Club back in1994 when it was first formed? I needed to know how to edit the raw footage on my video camera into a viewable ten minute film by adding a narration and possible background music. Over a short period of time this was achieved with the help of other friendly members of the club. Time and Technology moves on, so has the club. It has seen the VHS tape, DVD and the computer tower era and now we fast approach the Laptop editing and Video Memory Stick Storage stage, what next we wonder? The club is run by an active committee which organises fortnightly meetings, competition evenings, social events and touring film shows. Ashford Camcorder Club is worth investigating if you are into short film making.


On moving to the area after being a member of a very good Film and Video club in London from where I came, I was consciously looking out for a local film club and found Ashford Camcorder Club through an advert on the local radio. From the outset, the club members welcomed me with warmth that has not faded throughout the years that I’ve been a member. I’ve found that same welcome has been extended and transferred to each new member in the time that I have been a member. The club has never failed to keep a core long-term membership proving that the comfort that members feel in a relaxed environment while at the club, the innovative technical evolvement and the friendly and helpful attitude of the existing members builds a feeling that real friends can be made here is second to none. Measures of a successful club are how long it’s been established, the number of long-term members it manages to keep and the innovative ideas that the members initiate to keep the club up to date and exciting. Up to now, the Ashford Camcorder Club has delivered on all of these criteria and more. I know this because I have been a member of the Ashford Camcorder Club for 15 years.


I’ve been a member of Ashford Camcorder Club for many years, even before I owned a camcorder! My friend and I were interested in making films but needed recommendation on what camcorder would be best for our needs and budget. 20 years on, and with technology moving at such a pace, I’m still receiving expert advice. Going from analogue editing, onto digital, and finally recently moving tentatively onto HD – I’ve had friendly guidance every step of the way. The club gives you confidence to try new techniques. It provides an opportunity to show your films and members always encourage and support your efforts. It is a friendly group and the social side of the club is another valued benefit. So, if videography is your hobby, why not come and join us – you will be made most welcome.